Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Home
  • Never keep large amounts of cash or valuables at home. Always use bank account or bank locker for their safekeeping.
  • Install strong doors, with latches on both top and bottom and good quality locks. The main entry gate should have a peep hole through which you can observe who is at the door. Preferably, the main entry door should have a grill front door with interlock facility (display of large locks attracts thieves to locked houses).
  • All windows, including skylights and bathroom windows, should be fitted with iron bars or grills. Also, ensure windows are curtained. Else, burglars may observe how many people reside at the house and whether anyone is at home.
  • Ensure house is well lit from all sides and there are no dark corners created by trees or shrubbery. Such lighting should be there even if you are away, for which switches with automatic timers may be used.
  • Compound walls should be sufficiently high with glass pieces fixed on top to avoid burglars climbing over them.
  • Install safety gadgets like burglar alarm, motion sensor alarm and CCTV camera, which are now available at reasonable cost.
  • Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign outside your house. It helps to discourage burglars.
  • Do not leave spare keys hidden near the door under the mat or flowerpot. Leave it with a trusted neighbor instead.
  • Always keep almirahs locked when leaving the house.
  • Always keep the garage door locked, especially if it connects to the house.
  • Ensure proper background check of domestic help and security guards by local police before hiring them. Insist on credentials from past employers and copy of ID proofs.
  • Ensure proper background check of prospective tenants by local police before renting out your house. Insist on providing references and ID proofs.
  • If any stranger is found loitering in your area for a long time, alert the police.
  • If any unknown vehicle is left parked in your area for a long time, alert the police.
  • Leave at least one light on inside the house at night and when you are away as it gives the impression that there is someone at home who is awake. You can also leave the radio on when you go out.
  • If you are going away for a holiday or a visit, inform your neighbours to keep a watch on your house. Also inform milk seller and newspaper vendor as piled up milk packets and newspapers help burglars identify unoccupied houses. Also, inform the local police of the same so night beat staff may pay special attention at such times.
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